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Loving every minute of our journey

2009: The idea for VO2 began as a community research project. During this time we ran a school-based fitness challenge at intermediate schools in South Auckland offering a physical education session testing cardiovascular fitness through the 'beep test'. The challenge subsequently became known as the VO2 Challenge after the VO2 max measurement used in the cardiovascular field test known as the 'beep test'. The beep test is a field test for cardiovascular fitness using the VO2 max measurement. We therefore used the term VO2 Max Challenge for our very first weight loss challenge which spanned 3 years. VO2 has now stuck with us and has gone from VO2 Challenge Charitable Trust to our new company VO2 Health Care. The principles have stayed the same with our focus on community health and sports medicine.

Original VO2 Max Challenge - weight loss programmes
Original Bader Drive Health Care partnership

Our First Partnership

VO2 worked alongside Bader Drive Health Care now known as Bader Drive Doctors from 2012 and they have been instrumental with their support and supply of the medical equipment for our challenges. VO2 is still providing medical cover for them but VO2 Health Care has now branched into Sports Medicine and providing event cover and challenges for other organisations.

Many lives changed

We have seen many lives changed through our VO2 Challenges and providing medical and sports medical consults. We are encouraged by the amount of people who give positive feedback which makes us want to get better in what we do. We will continue to deliver high quality health care to all of our participants to ensure they are 'Living life abundantly'

VO2 Health Care logo

Why Us?

We offer friendly professional services and always endeavor to provide high quality, patient-centered care. Our VO2 Event cover, and Weight-loss Challenges are particularly popular with some of our mobile services allowing you to have your own clinic set up onsite at a location of your choice.

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